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Moscow, Russia. The Evolution Tower has become Moscow City’s new architectural landmark. The building’s iconic spiral form from base to roof is meant to represent the ideas of progress and the future. This magnificent building has around 80,000 m2 of office space. Other than offices, its twisting floors include 36,000 m2 of shopping and entertainment space as well as a covered parking area. It took 12 years to go from design to handover. According to The Skyscraper Center, Evolution Tower is the 360th tallest building in the world, the 15th tallest in Europe. 9th tallest in Russia as well as Moscow city. This impressive building stands at a total of 245.9 meters to its tip and it has 20 lifts serving the occupants inside.
The Tower, designed by Tony Kettle, in collaboration with Edinburgh College of Art Professor Karen Forbes, resembles two wrapping ribbons around one another.