Interloop, escalator artwork

A new iconic wooden heritage-inspired escalator (original Otis) artwork called “Interloop” by Chris Fox has been unveiled at Wynyard Station’s Yor Street entrance in Syndey. The installation [...]

Stairlifts for elderly dogs

Elderly dogs may not have trouble climbing the stairs in the near future as a prototype dog stairlift has been developed. Dogs have always been man’s best friend and faithful companion, forming [...]

Valentina Pinelli, the lady of doors

She is corporate product manager (doors) in Wittur Group, mechanical engineer, married and mother of two, aged 2 and 6. She was born in Veneto region, but lived for a long period in Bologna and [...]

Moscow spiral landmark

Moscow, Russia. The Evolution Tower has become Moscow City’s new architectural landmark. The building’s iconic spiral form from base to roof is meant to represent the ideas of progress and the [...]

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