How it Works – A practical guide to lift

More than 180,000 copies, 6 languages, distributed all over the world!

“How it Works” is the technical guide for the professionals of the vertical transportation, published for the first time in 2008 by Volpe Editore, leader of the lift publishing industry.

The guide immediately enjoys great success: 15,000 copies distributed on the occasion of the Lift exhibition in Milan, Italy. Available only in Italian and English, it is later translated into four additional languages and distributed all over the world. Thanks to the extraordinary global success, in the following years, two more books are added to the first guide, translated into six languages and distributed in thousands of copies. The secret of such an amazing success? Being able to explain in a straightforward way the operation of the many lift components thanks to the contribution of the greatest sector experts.The “How it Works” series is now made of three volumes and it is distributed at the key international events of the vertical transportation sector or, upon request, to companies, research and training centres, sector professionals wishing to deepen their lift knowledge.

Today, “How it Works” is available in Chinese, Hindi, English, Italian, German and Turkish

To buy “How it Works” books, write to: elemail@elevatori.it

How it Works

  1. The safety gear
  2. The overspeed governor
  3. Landing door locking devices
  4. The car door & the door operator
  5. The buffers
  6. Alarm devices
  7. The controller
  8. Drive systems
  9. Rope systems
  10. The hydraulic system
  11. The stop – Levelling accuracy
  12. And now let’s call the lift

How it Works 2

  1. The car sling
  2. Metal structures for lifts
  3. Lifts and stainless steel
  4. Crystal, glass and lifts
  5. Panel doors
  6. The “container” car
  7. The universal serial system
  8. Drives and inverters
  9. Gearless machines
  10. Hydraulic lifts
  11. Submersible for hydraulic lifts
  12. Electronic emergency devices
  13. Alarm management
  14. Lifting platform for persons

How it Works 3

  1. Standards and directives in a state of flux
  2. Standard-compliant without contactors
  3. Gear drives
  4. Rope research for lift applications
  5. Even rope set load distribution
  6. Evolution of hydraulic valves
  7. Four stage telescopic cylinder
  8. The electro-mechanical lift brake
  9. Lift rope brake
  10. CANopen-Lift: open standard for lifts
  11. Amendment A3: Unintended Car Movement
  12. Door safety edges for passenger protection
  13. Lift doors and application context

How it Works 4

After the success of the first three volumes, in September 2017, the fourth “How it Works” is published focused on the new EN 81-20 & 50 standards. This topic is highly topical and interesting due their recent enforcement starting from 1st September 2017. Lift components are the same but some safety requirements change in order to suit the most frequent use of lift systems. Available in three languages (English, German and Italian) and developed in collaboration with technical sector experts, the guide offers a complete overview of the new safety requirements to keep lifts in step with the times. A special thanks to all associations, collaborators and various partners who gave their valuable support and made this guide a real “jewel” by Volpe Editore.

How it Works 4

  1. The well
  2. Counterweight enclosures & balancing weight: distances between cars
  3. Machinery spaces and pulley rooms
  4. Pit of the well and ladder
  5. Landing doors
  6. The car, the balustrade and the apron
  7. Electrical components
  8. Inspection operation switches
  9. Rescue operations
  10. The new lift certification

How it Works 5

In 2019, the 5th book of the “How it Works” series was published, focused on modernisation. The book topic is of key importance in the lift sector because especially in Europe there are millions of lifts to be modernised due to their age dating back to decades. The number of lifts requiring modernisation is about 500 thousand.

The book is available in two languages (English and Italian) and made in collaboration with sector technicians and experts. It offers insight into all aspects of the modernisation of existing installations.

A special word of  thanks to all the associations, collaborators and partners supporting our publication with their valuable contribution which made this true “jewel” by Volpe Editore possible.


How it Works 5

  1. The “five levels” of modernisation
  2. Measures and technical support for an ad hoc modernisation
  3. UNI 10411, specifications for replacing the car
  4. Modernisation of hydraulic lifts
  5. The protagonist for the renovation of existing buildings
  6. Compliance with standards, EN 81-20/50 amendments
  7. Glass operating panels: style and innovation
  8. The certification journey of the locking device
  9. UCMP: Unintended Car Movement Protection
  10. When replacing is the best solution
  11. Overspeed governor and safety gear
  12. IoT, an opportunity for modernisations
  13. EN 81-28:2018: safety and rescue
  14. Calibration of three-phase motors and inverters
  15. Refurbishment of escalators and moving walkways
  16. Modernisation, not everything has to be renewed
  17. Electrical upgrade for elevators
  18. Safety update for elevators

To buy “How it Works” books, write to: elemail@elevatori.it