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Osaka, Japan. The Umeda Sky Bilding was designed by Hiroshi Hara and constructed by Takenaka Corporation. The 173 meter high structure is called this way because it is located in the district of Kita-ku, Umeda in the northern part of Osaka.

The Umeda Sky Bilding

The entire structure is actually made of two towers that are 40 story high, connected between each other at their two uppermost stories with the help of an escalator and some bridges that cross in the centre, where an atrium like space can be found. It is called the “Sky building” because of its height and due to the feeling you get when you find yourself in the escalator – you feels as if you hover into thin air. You have to pay a fee if you want to enjoy the glass elevator that takes you to the top which is about 700 yen (under $6).

The ride is worth every yen since the skyline of Osaka is breath-taking and you basically see the entire city revealed before your eyes on the observation deck of the towers. The Umeda Sky Building is a distinctive high rise standing alone near Umeda and Osaka stations.

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