Interlift 2023 concluded: success
for the last edition in Augsburg

 In interlift 2023

Interlift 2023, the international trade fair for vertical transport, ended. This year it is being held for the last time in Augsburg, Germany, before moving to Nuremberg in 2025.

There were more than 500 exhibiting companies this year, 27% of them German and the rest coming from abroad. Among the 73% foreign exhibitors, 23% were Italian.

‘How it works 6 – Digitalisation’, the new volume in the ‘How it works’ series is available at Interlift (17-20 October 2023)!

For the duration of the fair you can buy it at the Elevatori Magazine booth, No. 2005, Hall 2.


Day 1 -Interlift 2023 on the starting blocks

Interlift 2023, the trade fair for the lift industry, has kicked off in Augsburg. Elevatori Magazine as usual is here with its editorial team waiting for you in Hall 2, Stand 2005, right next to the VFA Forum!

Elevatori Magazine awaits you at Interlift: Stand 2005, Hall 2!

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Interlift 2023 – The opening press conference (17 October)

As usual, the opening press conference was held on the first morning of the Interlift. With more than 500 exhibitors from 38 countries, the interlift 2023 is once again the most important event in the lift industry. And it has never been more international: 73 percent of the exhibitors are not based in Germany! The strongest nation after Germany is once again Italy: 23% of the foreign exhibitors come from there. It is followed by Turkey with 18%, China with 15%, Spain with 9% and with 4% India moves up to 5th place – not least thanks to its first major joint presentation. The interlift 2023 offers the best overview of what the world market has to offer.


Anica’s welcome party

At 12 noon the welcome party offered by Anica took place in the Italian Pavilion (Stand 7069, Hall 7). The Italian association welcomed visitors to the Interlift and the Italian Pavilion in particular.

Anica President Gianni Robertelli, together with the entire board of Anica, invited all those present to visit the second edition of Lift Expo Italia, which will be held in Milan in December 2024.


From the left: Vincenzo Pattavina (Anica Administrative Secretary), Giulio Caputo (Anica Vice President), Veronica Franzoni (Anica General Secretary), Gianni Robertelli (Anica President) with Joachim Karlsdorf (Afag), Henning Konicke (Afag), Achim Hütter (VFA-Interlift President), Angela Vinci and other representatives of the Association.


Day 2

The second day of Interlift 2023 kicked off with a good turnout. Today’s events included many lectures in Hall 2, at the VFA Forum.

At 4.30 p.m. Luca Pezzini (ELA) leads a panel discussion on WEEF, the World Elevator & Escalator Federation, the global association for vertical transportation.

Here below: the pictures of the day.


Day 3

The third day in Augsburg started at 9.00 a.m.. There was a great turnout of visitors on the next-to-last day of this year’s trade fair.

At 4.30 p.m. at the ongoing VFA Forum at Interlift (Hall 2), a conference entitled ‘How digitalisation works in the lift sector’ was held by Maddalena Parotelli, Editor-in-Chief of Elevatori Magazine. The new ‘How it works 6 – Digitalisation’ was distributed to all attendees in the hall.

Day 4

The fourth and final day of the trade fair in Augsburg opened at 9.00 am.

At 11 a.m., during the closing conference of Interlift 2023, the organisers expressed their satisfaction with how these four days had gone: many exhibitors expressed their satisfaction, and a large number of visitors came to the fair.

During the conference, the move to Nuremberg for Interlift 2025 was also discussed. Before arriving at a final choice, the organisers said, several locations were considered from which to choose. In the end the choice went to Nuremberg, mainly for two reasons: because there is more space to allow the growth of the Interlift, and because in Nuremberg it will be possible to hold the Interlift 2025 in October, when it is customary to do so.

Videos of the final conference


From left to right, Thilo Könicke (AFAG), Winfried Foster (AFAG), Kathrin Redel (AFAG Press Consultant Corporate Communication), Marion Fleinert (G&K Mediaplanner) and Juliane Heiber (AFAG Press Office).

VFA Forum 2023

Here is the programme of the VFA Forum 2023, which takes place during the Interlift.

17 October 2023

The FVA Forum 2023 opens in the afternoon of 17 October with a special on SMEs entitled SMALL BUSINESS SPECIAL.
Andrea Raffaelli (SBS Small Business Standards, Brussels/BE, Stand: 500) talks about ‘European lift standardisation and the role of lift SMEs’; Paolo Tattoli (EFESME, Brussels/BE, Stand: 5002)addresses the topic of EN 81-41 and EN 81-42 standards with the speech entitled: ‘The revised EN 81-41 and the new EN 81-42: status of the approval process of the two standards’; Esfandiar Gharibaan (European Committee for Standardization/CEN TC10, Brussels/BE, Stand: 5002) tackles the topic of the Machinery Regulation with a speech entitled: ‘The new Machinery Regulation: novelties and perspectives in standardisation’; Luca Incoronato (EFESME, Brussels/BE, Stand: 5002) closes the afternoon with a speech entitled: ‘European Commission’s position on the operation of lifting platforms without carrier doors and the impact on the Italian market’.

18 October 2023

The VFA Forum 2023 continues on the second day of Interlift 2023. Suleyman Özcan (Solutions Engineering, Istanbul/TR, Booth: 2021) discusses ‘Earthquake and lifts: requirements of EN 81-77’, René Hermann (SCHINDLER Aufzüge, Ebikon/CH) talks about ‘Current status of the ISO 8100’; Prof. Wolfram Vogel (Gut Achten Vogel (VFA), Schorndorf/DE) talks about ‘Traction media in times of EN ISO 8100-1/2’, Katrin Schwickal (TÜV Süd, Filderstadt/DE, Stand: 5058) addresses the topic ‘Cyber security in lifts and their components’, Yasin Bayrakli (Fritz Kübler – VFA, Villingen-Schwenningen/DE, Stand: 3013) brings a speech on ‘Shaft copying systems – the all-purpose tool for digitalization, skilled labor shortage and sustainability’, Patrick Richter (D+H Mechatronic (VFA), Ammersbek/DE, Stand: 3057) brings a speech on ‘Sustainability in invisible places: energy transition in the lift shaft’. The afternoon continues with Oskar Kaplun (CAN in Automation, Nuremberg/DE, Stand: 3111) and his talk on ‘Cybersecurity in CANopen lift networks’, Henry Knop e Axel Schneider (INTEC, Gerichshain/DE, Stand: 7022) talks about ‘Digital safety circuit’, Eva Adam-Krawitsch (DEKRA, Stuttgart/DE, Stand: 5087) talks about ‘Testing of fire brigade lifts in Germany – from the perspective of the testing organisation’; Iain Forbester e Russel Sweeting-White (Serapid -VFA, Bad Mergentheim/DE, Stand: 5080) talks about ‘Rigid chain technology – A new approach to low-rise passenger lifts’, Sven Barig e Michael Reichelt (IBB Fördertechnik (VFA), Berlin/DE) talks about ‘Company succession in the lift industry: How a company is successfully handed over to the next generation’; Frank Saalmüller e Dirk Lauterwasser (SCHAEFER -VFA, Sigmaringen/DE, Stand: 1010)address the topic ‘Lifts of the future: contactless operation with innovative technologies’, Ricardo Dyroff e Meiller Aufzugtüren (VFA, Munich/DE, Stand: 5024) address the topic ‘Sustainable and resource-saving modernisation of lift doors’.
At 4.30 p.m., a ‘Panel Discussion sul tema The World Elevator & Escalator Federation (WEEF): the importance of acting globally’, by Luca Pezzini (ELA, Brussels/BE, Stand: 2006).

The World Elevator & Escalator Federation (WEEF): the importance of acting globally’

Luca Pezzini (Ela Secretary General), with Andrea Wespi (Ela Vice President), introduced the topic of the importance of acting globally regarding standardisation for the vertical transport sector and the role that a global association such as WEEF (World Elevator & Escalator Association) can play. More than four years after signing the protocol that gave birth to the World Elevator & Escalator Association (WEEF), the signatories met in China in July 2023, during the World Elevator & Escalator Expo in Shanghai, to further accelerate the process of cooperation between the parties and share the priorities of the industry sector they represent.

Taking part in the round table were Massimo Bezzi (President of Efesme), Wim Koster (President of EEA), Roberto Zappa (President of Ela) and Lexiang Zhang (Secretary General of China Elevator Association). Here they are in the photos below.

The priority remains the consolidation of the global technical harmonisation process based on ISO Standards, and their identical and uniform adoption by countries around the world. WEEF members are committed to continuing the process of collaboration and open discussion of the main issues in the industry, starting with gathering information on the number of installations in each region and collecting information on accidents that have occurred globally. The topic of safety remains a priority. On the topic of ‘quality’, the first in-depth seminars will be promoted immediately. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the European Commission, the Chinese regulatory authorities (SESA), CEN and ISO, confirming a synergetic and highly cooperative relationship. The links between WEEF and the International Elevator & Escalator Symposium (IEES), as well as with the Global Elevator Safety Forum (GESF) are also significant.

During the round table, it was recalled how, at the beginning of 2023, Commissioner Breton emphasised how the European Commission looked forward to exporting what was good in terms of standardisation in Europe to the world in terms of standardisation. On this occasion, the lift sector was held up as an example for its excellence in this area. Another meeting in the European Commission on these topics will take place in November.

Lexiang Zhang, regarding the development of ISO standards with Chinese standards, said that what interests China above all and unites it with Europe is the extreme interest in safety at all levels and everywhere. Safety first and foremost.

On the new WEEF Association, Adldinger (VFA) asked whether there will be a focus on training in this new association and whether they intend to create an academy, like the VFA. Roberto Zappa replied that there is a lot of focus on training and that it will be necessary to find a way to implement actions accordingly.

19 October 2023

The VFA Forum continues today, Thursday 19 October. Donald Gelestino (Champion Elevator, New York/USA) opens the day talking about ‘The US lift market with a focus on New York’. Carsten Dotzert (Orderbase Consulting, VFA, Münster/DE, Stand: 2143) talks about ‘The digitisation of field services’, while Daniel Nyman (Motum, Broma/SE) discusses ‘The Scandinavian lift markets’. Karl Kriener (Wittur, VFA, Scheibbs/AT, Stand: 2019) discusses ‘The latest evolution of electrically activated safety gearboxes’, Denis Ferrari and Francesco Gardumi (Metal Working, VFA, Pergine Valsugana TN/IT, Stand: 5047) talk about ‘More efficient, competitive and sustainable shaft structures’. Marc Hirsch (Ziehl-Abegg USA (VFA), Greensboro/USA, Booth: 1032) speaks about ‘New lift concepts for the North American lift market’, Volker Lenzner (VFA-Akademie, VFA, Hamburg/DE) talks about ‘Continuing education to combat the shortage of skilled workers’.
In the afternoon, Vincenzo Bruno (Wittur, VFA, Istanbul/TU, Stand: 2019) talks about ‘Sustainability in the lift market’ and Heiko Nagorski (Bucher Hydraulics, VFA, Neuheim/DE, Stand: 7034) addresses the topic ‘Modernisation instead of throwaway culture’. Alex Ackermann (CEDES, VFA, Landquart/CH, Stand: 3023) talks about ‘A new level in lift safety’, Odo Hake (Telegärtner Elektronik, VFA, Crailsheim/DE, Stand: 5108) brings the talk ‘Lift emergency call for all – solution via SmartPhone without spoken language! People with hearing and speech impairments’. Dr. Jürgen Dispan (IMU Institut, Stuttgart/DE) talks about ‘Industry report 2023: lifts and escalators’, Miguel Martin (Johann Schum Aufzugtechnik, (VFA, Parsdorf/DE, Stand: 1002) about ‘Innovative technologies on the MARS system lift’.

The day ends at 4.30 p.m., when Maddalena Parotelli, Editor-in-Chief of Elevatori Magazine will present the new ‘How it works 6 – Digitisation’ with the talk ‘How digitalisation works in the lift sector’.

20 October 2023

The last day of the VFA Forum 2023 begins with Thomas Meyer (Daniel Roßberg, ZFA Roßwein, Rosswein/DE, Stand: 2017) addressing the topic of ‘Testing of lift components’, Yannik Noel (Robin Augenstein; Heres Aufzug, Achim/DE) that of ‘Experiencing the past the vertical way – preservation of historic elevators’. Tom Chenna (Mainteny, VFA, Berlin/DE) talks about ‘The Lift Company of the Future’, Prof. Mazen Ayoubi (PohlCon (VFA), Berlin/DE, Stand: 3028) closes the morning by discussing ‘Performance of New Developments in Lift Sound Insulation Based on Comparative Studies and Experimental Investigations’.

The Elevatori Magazine booth

We look forward to seeing you at our booth, No. 2005, Hall 2, right next to the VFA Forum.

Already many people are visiting us. Here are some photos.

Elevatori Magazine 5/2023

At Interlift 2023, Elevatori Magazine is attending with issue 5/2023, which you will find distributed at Booth 2005, Hall 2.

In this issue we talk about, for example, the new members of the Elevatori Magazine Technical Committee, the Italian lift and escalator market with data from ANIE AssoAscensori, the new lift at the Colosseum. In the Technical column, we talk about BIM for the lift industry, while in the Standards column we deal with the future ISO 8100-2 standard.

Discover all the topics in the article below.

Elevatori Magazine 5/2023discover the new issue


How it works 6 – Digitalisation

At Interlift 2023, Elevatori Magazine present for the first time the new volume in the ‘How it works’ collection, the sixth in this series of publications that over the years has met with great success among the trade public.

The Editorial Board, with the support of the Technical Committee (on whose behalf Marco Cogliati has been responsible for the technical supervision of the work), has decided to dedicate this volume to the theme of digitalisation, central to the historical moment we are living through, so rich in changes even in our vertical transport sector.

After the fifth volume of the series had dealt with the subject of modernisation, this time the focus was on the innovations that are leading to an ever-increasing digitalisation of plants. The focus is on the vast world of digital: in this volume, in fact, we discuss all the technologies that can be deployed both on new installations and on already installed systems, to bring them into a new era, made of big data, predictive maintenance, remote access, intelligent and connected lifts, IoT and BIM.

Interlift 2023 – Dates + Facts

Date: Tuesday, 17 to Friday, 20 October 2023
Venue: Augsburg Trade Fair Centre, Halls 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7
Area: 44..000 m²
Opening hours: 9 – 18 h
Official opening: 17 October 2023, 10 a.m. in Hall 2
Admission price: Euro 30
Catalogue, VisitorGuide: free of charge
Organiser: AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH
Professional sponsor: VFA-Interlift e.V. Hamburg