Tall Buildings 2024, in Milan in June

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The annual ‘Tall Buildings’ conference, now in its 13th edition, will be held on 20 June in the Hall of Honour of the Milan Triennale, under the patronage of the Iuav University of Venice and the Milan Polytechnic. The event will last a whole day, from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. As in past editions, the organisation and coordination is entrusted to Professors Aldo Norsa (Guamari) and Dario Trabucco (Iuav). Once again this year, Elevatori Magazine is the conference’s media partner.

During the event, which will see Italian and international protagonists of architecture take the stage, the state of the art in Italy (as witnessed by the designers of the most recent buildings) will be reviewed with those of other countries, and the multiple disciplines of design, construction and management, as well as those that contribute to the innovation of processes and products, will dialogue.

Here is the programme of the event:

Opening (10:00 – 10:10)
10:00 Nina Bassoli (Triennale Milano)
10:05 Emilio Faroldi (Politecnico di Milano)

Tall Buildings and Urban Regeneration
10:10 Francesca Zirnstein (Scenari Immobiliari) – Trends in real estate
10:30 Milan – Discussion Panel with Paolo Brescia (OBR), Sonia Calzoni, Alessandro Scandurra and Cino Zucchi (CZA)
11:30 Turin – Benedetto Camerana – Architectural proposals in dialogue with the two iconic skyscrapers
11:50 Florence – Carlo Terpolilli (Ipostudio) – The new headquarters of Regione Toscana
12:10 Rome and Palermo – Alessandro Pistolesi (Studio Transit) – Challenging projects
12:30 Naples – Massimo Pica Ciamarra (PCA) – Past and future of the “Centro Direzionale” * (with Giuseppe Lombardi (Bono))
12:50 Claudio Raviolo (ACPV Architects) – Projects from Italy to the World

Buffet lunch (13:10 – 14:10)

Technologies and Projects
14:10 Alberto Ferrari (Faces Engineering) – Innovation in the conception of tall building envelopes
14:25 Tommaso Crippa / Claudio Marini (Buro Happold) – Façade engineering and retrofit of tall buildings
14:40 Mauro Eugenio Giuliani (Redesco) – Discussion panel on circular construction (and deconstruction) with Albino Angeli (X-Lam Dolomiti), Marina D’Antimo (ArcelorMittal), Nicola Greco (Deerns Italia), Livio Emanuel Mancini (Graphisoft), Stefano Panseri (Despe) and Sergio Tortelli (Heidelberg Materials)
15:20 Cristina Gambioli (MCA) – “ Viertel Zwei” in Vienna
15:40 Marco Casamonti (Archea Associati) – “Alban Tower” in Tirana and other projects
16:00 Claudia Farabegoli (Thornton Tomasetti) – “Shard Place” in London and timber examples in façades
16:15 Giuseppe Amaro (GAe Engineering) – Building safety management (with Massimo Ferretti (Marioff))
16:35 Fabio Viero (Manens) – Life cycle assessment
16:50 Nayla Mecattaf (CroMe Studio) – “Trinity Tower” / Philippe Chiambaretta (PCA-Stream) – “The Link” in Paris
17:20 Mario Pirwitz (JSWD) – “Neuer Kanzlerplatz” in Bonn
17:40 Dario Trabucco (Iuav) – Discussion panel on digital and technological innovation with Caterina Cotardo (Hydro), Franco Daniele (Tecnostrutture) and Luigi Pagnoncelli (Mapei)

Cocktail and networking (18:00)