Lift Expo Italia 2024

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On 16 April at the Allianz Mico in Milan, the presentation event was held for Lift Expo Italia 2024, a certified international trade fair for the vertical transport
sector organised by Anica, scheduled to take place in Milan from 4 to 6 December 2024. The event, now in its second edition, will take place this year in an exhibition area of 16,000 square metres and promises to attract visitors from more then 60 countries, proof of the large market conquered by Italian manufacturers over the years. This was said by the coordinator of the event, Silvia Piccione, anticipating the growing number of bookings and applications, with stands booked from Canada to India, Arab countries and all of Europe. Bookings are now open and for any information please refer to the Fairʼs website: https://liftexpoitalia.com/.


A moment during the presentation of Lift Expo Italia 2024 in Milan (Italy).


During the presentation event of Lift Expo Italia 2024, representatives of the sector discussed with politicians and trade unions, following the Italian governmentʼs decision in March to stop Credit Transfer and Invoice Discount, which remained two important tools to incentivise works for the removal of architectural barriers in Italian buildings.

This event was also an opportunity to take stock of the most relevant issues for the sector, starting with safety in the workplace, companies and construction sites, and continuing with more technical aspects: periodic inspections, laboratory tests, accessibility and connectivity of switchboards.

Discussing the subject were the Secretary General of Uil in Lombardy, Enrico Vizza, Regional Councillor Paola Pizzighini, and Davide Orsenigo of Esem Cpt, a Unified Body for training and safety. Also with them were the Technical manager of machinery and lifts for Imq Group, Nicodemo De Amicis, Elena Giacomello, lecturer from the Iuav University of Venice, as well as Antonio Lizza of Vis Certificazioni and Alessandro Messeri of Mastech.

With this presentation event, Anica wanted to set out the qualifying aspects for the growth of the sector, inaugurating the march towards the next Lift Expo Italia, where there is already a great deal of international attention.