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Chongqing, China. A shopping mall in southwestern China’s Chongqing city has built a slide to help shoppers get from the fourth floor to the ground floor. The giant spiral slide is transparent, at a little over 46 metres long, will transport you in simply 12 seconds. Excited shoppers were filmed riding the 16-metre-high slide. They seemed to be having the time of their lives. “I felt very excited,” said one young woman, her face flushed after the ride. For safety reasons, shoppers must descend down the slide while perched on a cloth sack for a smoother ride. They shoot out of the slide onto a padded mat. Children must be above the age of three to have a go on the slide. This is not the first time a shopping mall in China has tried to enhance people’s shopping experience with a giant slide. Last year, an even higher slide was unveiled at a mall in Shanghai.