Interloop, escalator artwork

A new iconic wooden heritage-inspired escalator (original Otis) artwork called “Interloop” by Chris Fox has been unveiled at Wynyard Station’s Yor Street entrance in Syndey. The installation [...]

125-year anniversary for escalators

New York, USA. On January 16,1893, the first escalator was installed travelling at a speed of 2.1 metres per minute and moving 5,350 people per day. 125 years have passed since the installation [...]

Valentina Pinelli, the lady of doors

She is corporate product manager (doors) in Wittur Group, mechanical engineer, married and mother of two, aged 2 and 6. She was born in Veneto region, but lived for a long period in Bologna and [...]

The evolution of lift engines

In 1880, the German inventor Werner von Siemens applied for the first time the electric engine to a lift. Since then many things have changed. The development of technology has brought many [...]

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