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Safety is a priority. Take advantage of the new Montanari gearbox for lifting systems up to 9800 kg static load. According to the EN 81-20 standard, in order to comply with UCMP (uncontrolled car movement) and ACOP (ascending car overspeed protection) requirements, the auxiliary brake installed on the slow shaft must be suitable for the purpose. The M105 has no external support on the slow shaft which is guided at only two points inside the carter, and this allows the auxiliary brake to be installed directly on the shaft of the traction sheave.

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The machine is also available with a B3 type motor: flanged and with feet. Like all Montanari gearboxes, it is modular to facilitate transport and assembly and thanks to the renewed supportand guide system of the slow shaft, it is even quieter. The M105 has been thoroughly checked in the testing tower to simulate real operating conditions. Choose the reliability of a Montanari product.

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