Marco Cogliati

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Marco Cogliati has joined the Elevatori Magazine Technical Committee in 2021.

Hee is senior designer of lift systems as well as Director of Research Design & User Experience of Tre-E S.c.r.l., Managing Director of Tre-Engine S.r.l., referent in the Italian UNI CT019 Technical Committee, member of WG06, WG07, WG08, WG09, WG10, WG11, WG13, WG14, WG15 Working Groups, member of the European Working Group CEN TC10/WG13, has just joined the Technical Committee of Elevatori Magazine. He is an Efesme (European Federation for Elevator Small and Mediumsized Enterprises) expert, as well as Member of the Efesme Digital Working Group and member of the Technical Commission Etsi – TC Smart M2M as SBS Expert (Small Business Standards).

Cogliati is also a lecturer and speaker in the technical-normative field with experience gained in trade associations, notified bodies and universities.

Marco Cogliati