IoT… a new challenge?

 In Techniques

By Marco Cogliati

IoT (Internet of Things) is an acronym dating back to late ‘90s and referring to a group of technologies, objects and networks communicating with each other, learning, exchanging, recording and transmitting
data via the Internet. The continuous technological progress and, especially, the evolution of networks, the ever-increasing connection speeds, data transfer and storage allow today to exchange and store a large amount of information that can then be processed and used.

Several research companies report that, as of 2020, there are more than 25 billion objects connected and that by 2023 there will be more than 40 billion objects worldwide and in all market sectors.


At first glance, these figures look like astronomical, but if we reflect for a moment on the mere diffusion and evolution of smartphones in recent years, everything makes sense. In this case, defining them as “phones” is absolutely reductive, they have built-in programs and downloadable applications acquiring data and providing us with increasingly precise and efficient services. These technologies are for example
the ‘voice assistants’, increasingly used at home and in offices, which, connected to the Wi-Fi network, become an interactive tool that provides and acquires (many times without our knowledge and without our consent) information and data.

‘Things’ interacting with each other and with increasingly complex similar systems. We often hear about smart homes, ‘smart buildings’, ‘smart cities’, ‘thinking’ cars or meters, all these ‘cells’ belong to the same body called the Internet of Things, a constantly evolving and expanding world of objects that has now swallowed up all sectors of the market. Obviously, the industrial sector was also affected by this ‘digital tsunami’ and in this case a special term has been created: I-IoT (Industrial Internet of Things)…

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