Elevatori Magazine obtains
the Historical Trademark

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Excellent news for Elevatori Magazine, which has obtained from the Italian Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy the recognition of ‘Marchio Storico’ (‘Historical Trademark’), assigned to companies that have been operating continuously for at least 50 years on the market and have demonstrated high production quality, strong territorial roots and a significant contribution to Italy’s economic and social history.

This is a prestigious achievement of which the management, together with the entire editorial staff of Elevatori Magazine, is proud.

The ‘Historical Trademark’ comes in recognition of the great national and international merits acquired by Elevatori Magazine in its 50 years of activity: the magazine has reached many countries around the world and has made known, enhanced and increased the Made in Italy of the lift sector. Our magazine has also created a unique digital historical archive in Italy and worldwide that, in more than 350 fully digitised volumes, encompasses more than 50 years of technological developments and regulatory evolutions in the international lift industry: the history of the sector over the last few decades, available to everyone at https://b2c.elevatorimagazine.com.


Elevatori Magazine has been recognised with the ‘Historical Trademark’

After the 50th anniversary of the magazine, celebrated in 2022, this is another important milestone, the result of a long, fascinating, exciting journey. We have come a long way together with all the collaborators who have animated the pages of Elevatori Magazine over the years, with our loyal readers who follow us from all over the world, and with the companies who renew their trust in us year after year. Our most sincere thanks go to all of them.

To retrace the path that led Elevatori Magazine to this important recognition, we republish what the Chairman, Ing. Giuseppe Volpe, wrote for the magazine’s 50th anniversary, celebrated in 2022 with the book ’50 Years Together’, which retraces the stages of half a century of elevatorism, seen through the eyes of the magazine, and which you can purchase here.


The cover of issue 1/2022, in which we celebrated Elevatori Magazine’s 50th anniversary by reproducing the cover of the magazine’s first issue from 1972

Dear readers, here we are at the 50th anniversary of Elevatori Magazine: how far we have come together!

Some of you have been with us since 1972 and many have joined over the years. I am very proud of this milestone, especially when I think the way this adventure began. I had only two certainties: there was a need for knowledge and communications in the lift industry because no information was circulating; I felt the
urge to form a new managerial class, to make available material on which to study, share ideas, investigate and learn.

All this has been made possible thanks to the several collaborators I have had at my side: starting with Professor Giorgio Paolini (Professor of Machine Construction at Milan Polytechnic) and some other experts who immediately agreed to establish the magazine, up to the many engineers and technicians who
over the years contributed from all over the world to enrich our magazine and to all those who have taken part in the technical committee, including some university professors. I would like to remember Carlo Distaso, who was Editor-in-Chief for a long time (1976 – 2000) and who sadly passed away prematurely. I would also like to mention the editorial staff of Elevatori, which since 1972 has been enriched by many people who have always carried out their duties with great passion. Without all of them, the authority and prestige of the magazine would not have grown over the time.

Culture and training are two fundamental aspects of our work. Every day we are prompted with the fact that we need skills. And in this regard, I like to recall two fundamental moments in Elevatori’s life. The first is when the magazine became bilingual, in 1989: there was a very beautiful ceremony in the splendid Palazzo Clerici (in Milan), which welcomed many illustrious guests. It was an important milestone because at that time Elevatori was going beyond Italian borders so as to reach several global countries.

A great effort, for which I thank Gina Barney. The second fundamental step was when Elevatori went digital, through the magazine’s website, published in 1997.
I would also like to thank all the collaborators individually, but it would be really difficult. I’ll mention just one: Giovanni Varisco, who is a true pillar of Elevatori Magazine. Important contributions also come from the technical-scientific committee and from all the writers who always send us their articles with great

Some milestones of these 50 years: in the decade 1970-1980 the most significant events in the Italian lift sector occurred. In 1971 ANACAM, the Italian Association of Lift Construction and Maintenance Companies was founded; in 1972 Elevatori Magazine was published; in 1981 ANICA, the Italian Association of Lift Components Industries was born. Three strongly connected events, whose main players were able to demonstrate the strength of collaboration. Elevatori immediately became the official journal of ANACAM and remained so for about 10 years, always supporting it; it then contributed to the birth of ANICA, became its
official journal and still is. Elevatori was at the centre of the most important events of the Italian lift sector over the last century.

And now, ANACAM and Elevatori Magazine have celebrated their first 50 years of activity, while ANICA has turned 40. Even today, the history of our magazine continues under the banner of collaboration. In fact, Elevatori Magazine is the official journal of IAEE, the International Association of Elevator Engineers, and OITAF, the International Organization for Transportation by Rope.

I also remember the many companies that were able to make themselves known, in Italy and worldwide, thanks to the advertising pages in the magazine. I am proud to have contributed to the expansion of small and medium-sized Italian companies. I also remember the great support we have given over the decades to trade fairs all over the world, which have always found Elevatori to be a crossroads of exchange.

It is very nice to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of a magazine, because it is not just a common object: it is a source of knowledge, a source of life. Together we can still do many things. I wish Volpe Editore, Elevatori Magazine, all my friends and readers another fifty years full of information, events, meetings, surprises,
changes, knowledge.

Giuseppe Volpe