Elevatori for All: The accessible world

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Going out, walking down the stairs or reaching the upper floors of a building, these are daily actions that not always everyone is able to accomplish independently.
In order to allow maximum freedom of movements for all of us, it is necessary that spaces are designed keeping in mind the actual needs of those who will use them throughout their lives. Even more, if we consider the data relevant to the ageing of population in industrialised countries. Traditionally, the accessibility topic refers to those who have permanent motor disabilities and move using wheelchairs. Increasingly, on the other hand, accessibility is a largely discussed topic also in reference to an extended user base, made up of people with temporary physical limitations, cognitive or sensory difficulties, children and the elderly.
This inclusive approach to design transforms the accessibility topic into a universal right.

With the book “The accessible world”, the editorial staff of Elevatori (Volpe Editore) has overcome the specialist boundaries of the vertical transportation, and more generally other lifting equipment, in a social and urban dimension.
Federica Villa

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