Videoconference for “Beyond the Square and the X”

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As the coronavirus out break is spreading worldwide, activities go on and call for a redefinition. The “Oltre il quadrato e la x – l’ascensore in architettura- Beyond the square and the x – the lift in architecture” conference organisers decided this way and the fourth edition has been held remotely.

As it has already happened in the past, crises speed up innovation and social processes and the first effect of this out break on daily life is the widespread remote working from home thanks to the Internet connection, by means of a PC or smartphone. This is how the conference scheduled for March 20th cused on “Vertical Mobility for Accessibility” of the Iuav University of Venice has been reorganized. The speakers sent their their papers tand video recordings which will be posted online for the virtual audience which could be even wider than the expected attendees in person. The conference organisers are the Iuav teachers and researchers Dario Trabucco, Elena Giacomello and Martina Belmonte, who welcomed both academic papers and papers from sector compagnie.

We list in full the abstracts of the video-recorded papers, available at and on the dedicated YouTube channel. In addition to the videos, available starting from March 20th, users can download the sections of the book including the case studies or complete papers.

All the abstracts reports will be published in Elevatori Magazine issue 3 (May / June). Click here and subscribe to the magazine.