TKE, TWIN elevators for the first time in Italy

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TK Elevator will install TWIN elevators for the first time in Italy: in Milan the “2-in-1” intelligent elevators that save space and time


Photo Credits COIMA

  •  A new mobility concept within COIMA’s Gioia 20 project: TWIN’s technological innovation allows to install 2 independent and overlapping cabins in the same shaft
  • Intelligent and effective management of passengers flow, maximization of floor space, energy savings: these are the main advantages of TWIN elevators
  • The 12 ultra-fast TWIN elevators will move more than 3,000 people per day, allowing them to reach the 23rd and top floor of the East Tower in less than 20 seconds

TK Elevator, a world leader in the urban mobility market, will install for the first time in Italy 12 TWIN elevators inside the Gioia 20 complex, a new real estate development by COIMA in Milan.

TWIN is an innovative vertical mobility system, produced exclusively by TK Elevator, in which two independent and overlapping cabins move simultaneously in a single shaft, thus halving the space allocated to elevators and gaining space for the entire height of the building.

In an urban world that is increasingly “in a hurry”, TWIN allows to carry up to 40% more passengers than traditional systems, with significant savings in waiting time and time to destination. Compared to a traditional system, each person will be able to recover about 6 hours per year, which multiplied by the average number of occupants in the building means more than 15,000 hours gained overall in a year.

Designed by Antonio Citterio – Patricia Viel and partners studio, Gioia 20 represents yet another piece of the Milan skyline within the Porta Nuova district. The project, scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2024, consists of two office towers, 23-story East Tower and 14-story West Tower. A new vertical development designed to offer better environmental performance and internal mobility aimed at maximizing usable space.

In the East Tower there will be the 12 TWIN cabins, installed in just 6 shafts so as to offer up to 40% more walkable area on each floor. The elevators, which will be able to accommodate 24 passengers, will move up to 3,000 people daily and, with a speed of more than 5 meters per second, will allow to cover the Tower’s 98 meters of height in less than 20 seconds.

“We are very proud to equip the Gioia 20 project with our TWIN elevators, a unique product that after its great success abroad will be installed for the first time in Italy as well, and we thank COIMA for this opportunity,” said Luigi Maggioni, Managing Director TK Elevator Italy – New Installations. “In addition to the benefits in structural terms, TWIN’s state-of-the-art technology will provide passengers with an exceptional travel experience, reducing waiting time and time to destination by up to 30 percent.”

Photo Credits COIMA

An efficient and sustainable flow management system

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Through an intelligent and efficient flow management system, in fact, passengers will be able to select their destination floor from displays located in the building lobby, receiving indications to the cabin or the fastest route to their desired floor, depending on the time and people inflow. A new mobility concept that also looks at sustainability from an energy-saving perspective. Inside the East Tower, which will be LEED Platinum certified, TWIN elevators will contribute to the reduce energy consumption, allowing to recover 30% of the energy generated during braking and fed back into the building’s system. In addition, when passenger volumes are lower, one of the two elevators can be parked at the top or bottom of the shaft, leaving only the twin car in operation, so as to further reduce energy consumption.

In addition to technological innovation, TWIN combines an advanced safety system to regulate the movement of the cabins within the shafts so that the predetermined proximity limits are not exceeded in any way. In addition, the movement of the elevators is constantly monitored through a special tool from a control room.

As part of the Gioia 20 project, TK Elevator will also be responsible for the installation of two escalators leading from the lobby into the first floor so that the upper cabins of the TWINs can be accessed, as well as 6 state-of-the-art Hi-Rise elevators, 1 fire-fighting elevator and 1 freight elevator system.

One-of-a-kind, TWIN has been adopted in many of the world’s best-known, state-of-the-art towers, such as the Trinity Tower in Paris, St. Botolph’s House in London and the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, to name a few examples in Europe alone. Globally, there are more than 350 TWIN systems (totaling more than 700 elevators) already installed or being installed for a more effective vertical mobility.