IGV Group: Giulio Cappellini new art director

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IGV Group: Giulio Cappellini new art director

Turning the lift into a ‘dynamic architecture’ and making it a truly sensorial experience for the user. This is the challenging goal of Ar. Giulio Cappellini, the new art director of IGV Group, the leading Italian company in the vertical transportation sector with a history based on technical knowledge, expertise and highly customised products.

Michele Suria, IGV Group’s CEO, says: “Our company has always stood out for its innovative approach to the lift, giving it not only a technical and functional role but also an aesthetical one, while this industry is generally characterised by standardisation. We are now promoting a revolutionary concept widely drawing from our technical expertise and ‘bespoke’ craftsmanship to meet the most challenging design requirements by architects.”

Michele Suria, Ceo di IGV Group, con Giulio Cappellini, nuovo Art director dell'azienda

Michele Suria, CEO of IGV Group, with Giulio Cappellini, the company’s new Art Director

The lift shall become an integral part of the architecture, this is why IGV Group has chosen Giulio Cappellini, architect, talent scout and Made in Italy global ambassador, as art director.

IGV Group: a revolutionary concept for the lift world by Giulio Cappellini

Over the years, IGV Group has consolidated its image as refined Italian manufacturer, establishing itself on the international market – with 85% of products exported to over 70 countries – as a leader in high-end lift systems.

Today the strategy aims at conquering the design and architecture sector which requires customization and the company’s ability to dialogue with architects and support them especially when it comes to very demanding projects.

Giulio Cappellini has been recently selected by Time magazine as one of the top ten trendsetters for fashion and design and he will be coordinating the company’s activities, as an interface for extremely different personalities. Cappellini will promote a revolutionary concept for the lift role in the architecture field.

Giulio Cappellini says: “The lift can be the protagonist, finding, like any iconic object, the right balance between shape and function. Innovation, in this sector, does not only involve a beautiful cladding, but transforming the product fruition, despite the short duration of the travel, into a sensorial experience. It is a complex project, but combining IGV’s technological expertise and openness to the design world, there are good premises for some excellent results.”

The company’s new route is also reflected in the Ad Hoc line, the evolution of IGV Group’s DNA which has its own vocation in the ‘special’ project. Ad Hoc is a new generation of products interpreted by the most influential names in architecture, in which the lift becomes an extremely customisable design object.