Frenic-Lift (LM2A): smaller but smarter!

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Having over 35 years of experience in designing frequency inverters, in 2005 Fuji Electric introduced the first lift-dedicated inverters FRENIC-Lift (LM1S) series into the European lift market, where the modernisation of aging lifts to inverter-based control was first popularised. Learning from experience and our success with LM1S series in the market, we have now developed the upgraded version: FRENIC-Lift (LM2A), which is able to control any motor including vector control with peripheral PG and sensorless vector control for rescue operation (PMSM); and has more attractive features like built-in advanced fieldbuses dedicated to lift applications (CANopen CiA DSP 402 & 417 and DCP 3 & 4), contactor-less solution compliant to EN 81-1 + A3 and EN 81-20, easy rescue operation with 24VDC power supply for control board, different energy saving levels according to ISO 25745, and further more!

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