Elevatori Magazine – March/April 2019

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Nearly 20 years
Giovanni Varisco

Topical subjects

A journey within the Emirates
Federica Villa

Escalators: how to prevent accidents
By Federica Villa

Launch of the Sbs Lift Forum on digitalisation
SBS, Efesme

Africa’s market potential
By the Elevatori Staff

Towards Southeast Asia’s largest International Expo
By the Elevatori Staff


Efficiency comes at night
By the Elevatori Staff


My story of lift traffic analysis, design and control – Part 2
Gina Barney

Transporting dangerous substances in lifts – Part 2
Michael Bottomley

Towards a Maintenance Quality Management System – Part 1
Josè Maria Compagni

Gateway: the IoT mirror for lift cars
Fabio Liberali & Alessandro Cremaschi

Standards, laws & regulations

Firefighter lifts and the operation in the event of a fire
Giovanni Varisco

Electrical components – Part 1
Rossano Allegra

Development of the ISO Prescriptive Elevator Code
David McColl


The lift library
Federica Villa

News & Buzz

By Federica Villa