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Elevatori Magazine 4/2021: discover all the articles of the new number

Elevatori Magazine 4/2021, the new issue of the magazine. Here is the index with all the articles you can read in this issue


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The comeback
Giovanni Varisco

Topical subjects

Education: the Polish way
Federica Villa

Consorzio per l’Italia: between economy and society
Maddalena Parotelli

Tall buildings: the discussion starts again
Aldo Norsa & Dario Trabucco

The new Anica projects
Vincenzo Pattavina

Covid-19 and international business contracts
Simona Cardillo


SMEs in China
Federica Villa


Lifts and accessibility: the ‘Duomo di Milano’
Alessandro Roversi


Call-giving devices in lift traffic design – Part 2
Janne Sorsa, Mikko Kontturi e Mirko Ruokokoski

Overspeed governor and safety gear
Alberto Bevini

IoT, an opportunity for modernisations
Cristian Aiello

Standards, laws & regulations

The new UNI 10411-1 and 10411-2 standards – Part 3
Giovanni Varisco

Where have all the standards gone?
Gina Barney

Italian Presidential Decree 162/99, Art. 19 and 12
Iginio S. Lentini


Book recommendations
Rinaldo Papa

Letters to the Chairman

Giuseppe Volpe

News & Buzz

By Elevatori Staff

Voices from the World

Matteo Volpe

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