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Elevatori Magazine 3/2022: discover all the articles of the new issue

Elevatori Magazine 3/2022, the new issue of the magazine. Here is the index with all the articles you can read in this issue (available from 1 March).


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Rethinking the vertical transportation in the building
By the Editorial Staff

Topical subjects

Interlift 2022: first post-pandemic edition
By the Editorial Staff

Lombardini22 expands, with the spirit of a start-up
Elena Colombetti & Maddalena Parotelli

Lifts: a chance for inclusive design
Valentina Giacometti

Italian companies and high energy prices
By the Editorial Staff


NextGenerationEU & RRF for the lift industry
Luca Pezzini


What a VT Consultant can bring to a Project
Stella Uberti


Uplifting the safety of aged lifts in Hong Kong – Part 2
Vincent H.K. Chow, C.W. Chan, Gary K.Y. Cheung, James C.Y. Lau

Refurbishment of escalators and moving walkways
Marco Cogliati & Marco Comparotto

Standards, laws & regulations

The future 8100-1 Standard – Part 1
Giovanni Varisco

Rated load and maximum available car area
Gina Barney


Lifts and the environment: energy requirements
Giuseppe Iotti

Letters to the Chairman

Giuseppe Volpe

News & Buzz

By Elevatori Staff

Voices from the World

Matteo Volpe

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