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Elevatori Magazine 2/2022: discover all the articles of the new issue

Elevatori Magazine 2/2022, the new issue of the magazine. Here is the index with all the articles you can read in this issue (available from 1 March).


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Is this the last wave?
Giovanni Varisco

Topical subjects

‘Compliance management’ in Italy and Germany
 Lucia Flintrop

For companies cyberattacks are more dangerous than Covid
By the Editorial Staff

Building contractors in Italy: the ranking
Elena Colombetti & Maddalena Parotelli

China: less factory-oriented, more and more digital
Federica Villa


Cableways: rope control
Franco Torretta


Lift upgrade at Brooklyn Museum subway station
Peter Wilk


Uplifting the safety of aged lifts in Hong Kong – Part 1
Vincent H.K. Chow, C.W. Chan, Gary K.Y. Cheung, James C.Y. Lau

Safety update for elevators
Sebastian Steinert

Modernisation, not everything has to be renewed
Volker Lenzner

Standards, laws & regulations

From Arctic to Antarctic
Giovanni Varisco

Installations without Declaration of Conformity
By the Editorial Staff


Benefit Corporations: giving value to the shared value
Simona Cardillo

Letters to the Chairman

Giuseppe Volpe

News & Buzz

By Elevatori Staff

Voices from the World

Matteo Volpe

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