EECMAI, the new Indian component manufacturers’ Association

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In September 2020 Eecmai, the Elevator & Escalator Component Manufacturers’ Association of India was born. The association’s goal is to bring together the component manufacturers of the vertical transport market based in India.

President Suraj Thodimarath (Wittur Spa), unanimously elected during the inaugural assembly, said: “India is in the best position to emerge as an alternative global powerhouse for the production of E&E components complying with international safety and performance standards. Eecmai comes at a time when global companies need to remove any risk associated with depending on a single country for the supply chain.”

The first group of EECMAI members met on September 19th, 2020 and unanimously elected the inaugural Management Committee:

President: Suraj Thodimarath (Wittur)

Vice President: Hiren Panchal (Apson)

Secretary: Kumara Swamy (Monteferro)

Joint Secretary: Nayan Movaliya (Tectronics)

Treasurer: Abey George (Fermator)

Director-Ethics: Ashok Subhedar (DSA Controls)