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Government 110% grant for home improvements and building safety

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On Thursday 3 December 2020, from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm, an online event is to be held in connection with E2 Forum Milano, an exhibition-conference held every two years for companies operating in the area of vertical and horizontal mobility for buildings and cities. Elevatori Magazine is media partner of the event.

Event in Italian language.

E2 Forum – Talking Points

According to official statistics, over 60% of the buildings of Italy are over forty years old, and almost 80% were built before 1990. Constructed according to the standards in force at the time, they do not meet current specifications for safety, efficiency, usability or digital capacity. Further, it is estimated that more than one in four buildings have never been renovated or improved.

By confining people indoors and thus underscoring the importance of the home as the ultimate safe-haven asset, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the fore all the inadequacies and limitations of buildings that fail to offer sufficient functionality, comfort and safety.

It is therefore almost inevitable that the existing building stock in Italy will have to be renovated and improved as part of a broader programme of urban regeneration. The improvements will necessarily entail the upgrading of any building systems and installations that have the potential to improve the overall energy efficiency performance of the buildings themselves.

A portion of the investment spending that has been earmarked for restructuring and extraordinary maintenance must therefore be dedicated to modernizing and upgrading the technologies embedded in the buildings, which will include making the most of the increasing availability of digital systems of connectivity and control.

The Italian government is promoting the renovation of buildings and building installations by means of a package of tax incentives and grants. These include not only the “Superbonus” covering 110% of the cost of renovations to  upgrade  a building’s energy class, but also the traditional “Ecobonus” of 65% for other works that offer similar efficiency improvements, the 50% grant towards general  building repairs and the 90% grant for external renovation work on building facades.

The guests at E2 Forum Milano’s Digital Day will consider these talking points and, in particular, look at the challenges and the opportunities that the current changing regulatory situation offers firms operating in the elevator/escalator segment.

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