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November / December 2018 contents

The Bridge
Giovanni Varisco

Topical subjects
Ex-U.S.S.R. calls, Italy replies
Federica Villa

Mechanical ascensions
Federica Villa

Making safety standards for lifts “global”
Efesme for Small Business Standards

Escalators, should I stop, or should I walk?
Guido Bruschi

Brexit, what problems will companies have?
Marco Ciotola

NAEC’s 69th annual convention & 2018 exposition
Jennifer Simmons

9th Symposium on Lift & Escalator Technologies
Dave Cooper

The exemplary case of the NYC elevator database – Part 2
Elena Giacomello & Dario Trabucco

Public transport is vertical in Orvieto
Federica Villa

Virtual maintenance, approach for sensing – Part 2
Ana Gómez, Oscar Salgado, Ekaitz Esteban, Inge Isasa & Xabier Hernández

How many elevators are there in your country?
Josè Maria Compagni

The use of batteries in lifts – Part 1
Nicola Bagnalasta

Standards, laws & regulations
Standard EN 81-22
Giovanni Varisco

Landing doors
Andrea Bondavalli

If I really must choose, then Beyoncé is better
Guido Bruschi

News & Buzz
Federica Villa

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