Travel offers for lift operators

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From the world of lifts you can expect anything, even special tourist packages aimed at those who work in this sector and are interested in discovering the natural beauty of the African continent. This is what Stefano Marra has done. Out of loyalty to the profession of his father Salvatore (who has worked with lifts all his life), he offers tourist packages with special discounts for lift operators.

With the travel agency ʻHeart of Africa Expeditionʼ (https://www.hoaexp.com/it/) Stefano wants to introduce Tanzania and, more generally, the African continent in an ethical, sustainable way that is also more profitable for local companies. Lift operators who are interested can contact him at info@hoaexp.com.

By Stefano Marra (under the pseudonym Stefano Diossina) is also the book ʻChronicles from the Savannahʼ (2023), available on Amazon.