The voice assistant gets on the elevator: Thyssenkrupp elevator ready for phase 2

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New platform developed to dialogue with the lift and avoid risks of contagion


The elevator is also ready for Stage 2. thyssenkrupp Elevator Italia has developed a new voice recognition platform, which will allow each passenger to call the elevator when they are outside the cabin and communicate the floor number, once they are inside. The voice assistant, using WiFi or 4G, will avoid to push the buttons, which are easy to store viruses and bacteria and reduce the chances of infection.

In addition, an automatic air purifier will be installed to sanitize continuously, with an absolute HEPA filter, combined with an activated carbon membrane, which will ensure instantaneous replacement. The air, taken from the cabin, will be filtered and purified from viruses and bacteria and re-entered into the environment.

The UV-C ultraviolet light beam emitted by the LED spotlight will ensure a complete and instantaneous sterilization of surfaces and objects in the cabin. The ultraviolet light, thanks to the UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) technology, tested at the health care level and used for sanitizing hospital environments, eliminates almost all (99.9%) of the microorganisms on the surfaces, activating automatically only when there are no passengers on board, during stand-by.

Finally, it will be possible to install a thermal camera capable of identifying an abnormal temperature rise, which will lead to the activation of a warning signal to the building management to identify people with temperatures above 37.5 degrees and adopt the necessary safety protocols.

All these systems are compatible with all types of elevators, of any make and model, the reduced installation time will guarantee the least possible inconvenience to users.

UV will also be used for the decontamination of the handrails of escalators, and of moving walkways installed in public places such as railway and subway stations, or private places such as shopping centres and museums. These systems, installed in the hidden part of the balustrade, will be totally invisible.

“We have already started the sanitization operations in hospitals and in train and subway stations to ensure the presence and continuous mobility inside the buildings at the moment” declares Omar Riva, thyssenkrupp Elevator Italia Operations Director. “The elevator is one of the most widely used means of transport in the world and Italy, with 463,000 buildings equipped with at least one elevator system, is the first European country for elevator parks. This is why it is important and necessary to exploit all available technologies to make them safer.”

“Abbiamo già iniziato le operazioni di sanificazione in ospedali e nelle stazioni dei treni e delle metropolitane per garantire la presenza e la mobilità continua all’interno degli edifici al momento” dichiara Omar Riva, Direttore Operativo thyssenkrupp Elevator Italia. “L’ascensore è uno dei mezzi di trasporto più utilizzati al mondo e l’Italia con 463 mila edifici dotati di almeno un impianto elevatore, è il primo paese europeo per parco ascensori. Ecco perché è importante e necessario sfruttare tutte le tecnologie disponibili per renderli più sicuri”.