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There are 18 megalopolises around the world: cities with a population greater than ten million inhabitants. It is estimated that by 2030 this number will rise to 48. Populations are concentrating in urban centres at a rate of 1.5 million people per week and in ten years,  60% of the planet’s inhabitants will be living in cities. The big players in every sector are investing heavily in research and development on the basis of this trend, to guarantee products and services capable of making cities welcoming, safe and pleasant to live in. For all locations with high footfall, thyssenkrupp Elevator Italia focuses on the future of mobility and the mobility of the future.

A leader in the Italian market for over 15 years, our company has always introduced new solutions that completely change the way buildings are designed and how people move within them. Leading global architects are increasingly keen to fully exploit such changes and every project that focuses on people is built around these systems, ensuring safe and reliable mobility for years to come.

Today, 40% of the world’s energy is used by buildings. Whatever we build will have an energy footprint for the next 10–15 years.
This is why thyssenkrupp Elevator offers a full range of products with extremely high levels of energy efficiency, including elevators capable of recovering energy during braking and guaranteeing exceptionally low energy consumption in standby. Escalators and moving walkways are also reaching ever more ambitious energy standards and certifications.

Today, the focus is on technologies and innovations that protect the environment and our safety. This has been demonstrated by starchitects,
big brands, public administrations and the leading names in real estate, who all choose thyssenkrupp Elevator as their trusted partner.
MULTI, the multi-directional magnetic elevator, TWIN, with two independent cars in a single shaft, and ACCEL, the express walkway: these are just a few of the products transforming the global lift industry, paving the way for the entire sector and generating unprecedented development in design
and creativity. These systems require 4.0 service for maintenance and repairs with high levels of technical skill and smart applications. thyssenkrupp Elevator has redefined the concept of support, designing new control, repair and monitoring systems.

Integrated digital solutions are employed, allowing interaction not only with next-generation products, but also with users, maintenance personnel and, above all, between different platforms. Connected to the cloud, they allow big data to be gathered, supporting predictive-maintenance algorithms
and allowing a 60% reduction in system downtime and improved user experience and safety. MAX is an excellent example: connected to each lift, it provides real-time monitoring of key components, ensuring constant system efficiency. AGILE, on the other hand, is a smart traffic-management system ensuring rapid mobility with very high footfall.
Last but not least, INSIGHT brings together all of our smart platforms in a single portal for real-time management of large and extra-large fleets of equipment (lifts, escalators and mobile walkways), simplifying maintenance via a digital learning system. The recent health emergency has
highlighted the importance of safe mobility. This has prompted thyssenkrupp Elevator Italia to introduce a selection of certified systems for sanitization.

Including UV lamps, HEPA air filters and thermographic cameras, these kits can be quickly installed in lift cars and on escalators and mobile walkways to sanitize handrails.

We want to re-start safely together and we believe it is important to take the first step.

This is us.