Elevatori: new look and new website

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Dear readers, 45 years have passed since my first editorial and they flew by. We have walked a long path together, and a long way is still ahead of us. Forty-five years ago Elevatori was born, the first lift sector magazine in Italy. I soon realized that there was no information sharing in the Italian lift world. Italy has always been “rich” in lifts (today there are almost one million lifts in service), yet no accurate news, no information exchanges, no discussions between experts and engineers. Therefore, in a rather mad way, I plunged into this editorial adventure and I could not imagine it would grow so much over the time. In fact, Elevatori was immediately appreciated, highly regarded and read by several important collaborators who gave their contribution and Elevatori quickly became an accredited body for various associations and organizations around the world.
And here we are at the second huge step in the history of our magazine: the bilingual version born in 1989. At the end of the Eighties, I realized that an Italian monolingual magazine could not go too far and would lose many opportunities. So, this second adventure came to life and it was even more stimulating – not just because it opened the doors of all the foreign countries – but because it helped us to grow, to be open and to share points of views and regulations, thus enriching our lift culture. And apart from this, the bilingual edition of Elevatori allowed Italian lift companies to be known all over the world.

From left: First Elevatori issue, April 1972. Giuseppe Volpe celebrating the first bilingual Elevatori, 1989.

We could stop. But life moves fast and technology as well, it is impossible to stand by and watch. Today, present and future are called Internet, Network, Digital world. How can we avoid this new challenge? That is why we have decided, all together, to launch the third big change, a 360-degree change. A change affecting many aspects. The first small revolution, which you can see just by flipping through the pages of this issue 5/2017, is the new Elevatori graphics: agile, modern and light. A new look without touching the title, without reducing the quality of the contents, without including “easier” papers. We decided that we could have a more modern look keeping a solid and rigorous substance. It will be more enjoyable to read it.

But this was not enough for us. Because you know today there are many people who love magazine digital editions for their iPads, tablets, and cell phones.
I personally prefer to flip through pages and smell the paper, but do not tell it, my son and daughter told me it was better to have a digital edition of Elevatori and eventually I gave up.
There will be soon a double version of the magazine: the paper and the digital edition. You will be able to download and buy it on the website. And here’s the third big news: the new website (elevatorimagazine.com). A website that will closely follow the magazine.
The paper edition will be a valuable tool for investigating topics, while the website will offer a quick way to learn about news and cross-cutting themes.
Two complementary ways to know the lift. My personal wish, shared with my family, is to build, with a focused effort, a rich website full of research where topics such as architectural barriers and accessibility can be discussed. This is a very important topic to us.

Enjoy reading our new Elevatori (whether the paper or the digital version) and enjoy browsing our website.

P.S. – Let me thanks the whole editorial staff and all the collaborators who, from 1972 to today, have made great Elevatori (I would like to mention the late Carlo Distaso, Giovanni Varisco, Gina Barney and Fabio Liberali). I would also like to thank the readers because, as all the great journalists say, readers are the real bosses of the newspapers.