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On the occasion of the third edition of the conference “Beyond the Square and the X. The lift in architecture”, today under way (19th December) at the Aula Magna Tolentini, IUAV University of Venice, a preview of the “The Accessible World” book will be launched.  The book is edited by Elevatori magazine (Volpe Editore) and it will be published in May 2018.

This editorial initiative has opened the doors of the sector so as to get out of its specialist field and insert the accessibility topic in an urban and social dimension (not only with reference to the function of the lift). Through a call for papers, the magazine involved the university and professional world in the project. The selected papers were divided into four general topics:

  • accessibility of public and private buildings;
  • accessibility of urban areas;
  • accessibility of places of historical and monumental interest;
  • vertical accessibility.

There are also other, less technical, articles discussing the current trends that will characterize future years:

  • population growth and megacities;
  • friendly cities for people with cognitive disabilities (dementia friendly community);
  • accessible tourism.

An interview with Marco Rasconi, president of the Italian Union fighting muscular dystrophy, explains the point of view of those who daily experience the different accessibility coefficients of our cities.


  • Accessibility, a universal right – Federica Villa


  • Accessibility and design, history and evolution – Alessandro Greco, University of Pavia

Urban accessibility

  • From overcoming architectural barriers to Universal Design – Elena Giacomello, Federica Alberti, Dario Trabucco IUAV University of Venice
  • UNI Practice- Redesigning for the Universal Design – FiabaFiaba Fondo Italiano Abbattimento Barriere Architettoniche
  • City lifts, a heritage to promote – Alessandro Greco, University of Pavia
  • The inclined flat ramps – Marina Pugnaletto, Sapienza University of Rome

Public and private accessibility

  • Intervention on the existing heritage – Cesira Paolini, Sapienza University of Rome
  • University historical buildings – Gianfranco Talarico, University of Turin


  • Big cities of present and future times – Giuseppe Iotti, expert of the vertical transportation industry
  • Inclusive cities for the elderly – Rita D’Alfonso, psychologist
  • The accessible tourism – Claudio Castegnaro, IRS (Institute for social researches)
  • Manifesto for the promotion of accessible tourism – By Maurizio Arturo Boiocchi, “Luoghi e Cammini di Fede”

Vertical accessibility

  • Visiting historical places and monuments – Alessandro Roversi, Schindler
  • Is the fully inclusive city still far away? – Luc Rivet, Elca European Lift & Lift Component Association
  • Lift smart technologies for elders – Papageorgiou Eleftherios, Stratigakis Nikolaos, Alexandros Psychogios, Entranet
  • Accessibility, hearing aids & loop amplifiers – John Trett, C.E. Electronics


  • Interviewing Marco Rasconi, Uildm Italian Union fighting muscular dystrophy – Federica Villa