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C.M.D. Lift (Cloud Mobile Data Lift) system is the result of the collaboration between Telesan and Gloservice, bringing together their lift and software knowledge and skills gained over the years in the lift and software sectors. The system is aimed at the management and control of all the operational, technical, commercial and administrative lift company processes. The range of products of the C.M.D. Lift system helps companies to innovate their technologies.

Cloud Lift is a web-based platform including all activities, especially focused on the use of modern Cloud technologies. It allows Telesan customers to connect to the operation centre by means of a standard Web browser from any place and it makes truly easy to access data. Special attention is on the data safety and user scalability, allowing a flexible setting in line with privacy and company data safety requirements. Cloud Lift integrates seamlessly all the services provided by Telesan, from the display of operation centre activities to the Data Base management, management of system capabilities with a high level of interactivity and real time update. The use of modern cloud technologies and advanced security protocols, combined with Telesan’s Business Continuity policy, make Cloud Lift an extremely innovative and useful product for modern lift companies. The system provides both the base and the plus version, in addition to the mobile extension for those companies also using the Mobilelift application.

Mobile Lift is an innovative Web + Mobile system combining cloud computing technology and of modern smartphone versatility. The system was created exclusively for the lift sector and allows companies to always be in touch with their technicians and to coordinate them optimally. The Mobile Lift application, downloadable and installable directly in smartphones, can work both in online mode (connected to the server for real time data exchange) and in off line mode, allowing the technician to work on the call or maintenance card even with minimal internet coverage. This operating logic has enabled us to create an extremely reliable, scalable and usable system in any condition.

Mobile Lift handles all service requests: from emergency calls to periodic maintenance, with real-time notification to the technician via push technology. From the call, coverage, until the closing, everything is traced and shared with accurate reporting of activities carried out by internal and external staff. The current version of Mobile Lift is the result of the experience gained by our company since 2009 on mobile devices, thanks to the use of up-to-date technologies with the implementation of extremely flexible solutions. The Mobile Lift system guarantees companies optimization, savings, security, flexibility and scalability.

Datalift is a comprehensive management software designed by Gloservice for lift maintenance companies. The decade-long experience gained by Gloservice’s team created a conceptually new product, by using the most up-to-date software development technologies, with the aim of innovating and making a decisive sector improvement. Through the Datalift Products Suite, Gloservice offers an integrated IT system that not only rationalizes all aspects of organizational- operational management – but it also provides real added value through a process of technological innovation. Datalift is the integrated solution for controlling business operations to which Italian SME business and tax and commercial management is linked.

Datalift’s management features enable multi-user, multitasking, multi-enterprise, and multi-task management, with single-account access logic, enabling customization of each user’s operational capabilities. Multi-company management allows, if indicated in the parameters, the simultaneous creation of records and tables for all managed businesses. The modular data lift structure guarantees the scalability of the product, enabling the initial use only of indispensable functions with the potential integration of the most advanced ones at later dates.

For additional information visit: www.telesan.it and www.gloservice.it.


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