Sicor in the future

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Every day we face tough challenges, constantly evolving scenarios, unpredictable situations that are changing our habits and driving our strategies. The market needs new answers and Sicor offers them through a new vision, made of agility, innovation, customer involvement and service quality.



Sicor’s mission is to provide the customer the best lifting solution starting from a careful analysis of the technical specifications of the system, guaranteeing technical and commercial support of the highest quality and efficiency, from design to production, from final testing to a punctual and competent after-sales service.

The production site in Rovereto is a symbol of made in Italy excellence where automation, efficiency and technology guarantee the production and supply of quality products in a short time, satisfying the needs of extreme speed and flexibility of the elevator market. With a production capacity of over 45,000 machines per year, Sicor offers a wide choice of options including traditional and gearless machines designed to offer advanced and safe solutions dedicated to any type of lifting system for electric traction lifts.

The flagship of the production are the gearless machines whose wide production range covers loads up to 4,000 kg in 2:1 roping, speeds up to 4 m/s, with many other speeds on request, with traction sheaves from 120 to 600 mm, with the special execution of central sheave for some machine sizes.

Alongside the series production, different special executions are available on request.


Sicor made in Italy has become a key player in over 60 countries, constantly supplying thousands of customers, and for its innovative approach the leading lift manufacturers have chosen Sicor as a partner.


Each design and production step is carried out according to a tested Quality System which guarantees the reliability and performance of the machines. The processes are performed with CNC precision machines,
some of which are specially made for Sicor.

To ensure the best quality and the performance in terms of absence of vibrations and noise, each machine is subject to a rigorous final test and quality checks are carried out on all components. The test tower allows to check the machine in real operating conditions, allowing a perfect set-up.

An innovative online product configurator also allows to quickly identify the appropriate traction unit based on the main specifications of the lift system. Sicor has also certified its quality system, its health and safety management system and the environmental management system according to the most important international standards.