Safety light curtains by Giovenzana

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New safety light curtains by Giovenzana

Giovenzana International B.V. expands its range of products to be added to the equipment useful for the protection of elevator doors with the new Photoelectric Infrared Light curtains in compliance with the European Standard EN 81-20 / EN 81-50.

The product codes of the new GBL series are composed of four main parts:

• 2-metre-high reception (RX) and transmission (TX) circuits available with 174 or 194 maximum beams;
• available bivolt 12/24 V or 220 V power supply;
• 4 m long power supply cables;
• accessories for assembly.

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The RX receiver (photodiode) and the TX transmitter (infrared LED) must be fixed on both sides of the lift doors and connected to the power supply.

During normal operation, the microprocessor continuously checks that the light rays are not interrupted between the infrared LED and the receiving photodiode.

When objects or persons enter the area protected by the beams, the control system immediately transmits the information to the exit signal to pilot the reopening of the doors.

When the protected area is cleared, the control circuit signals the exit contact information so that it can operate on the elevator doors.