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Nicola Imbimbo

Nicola Imbimbo biography

Nicola Imbimbo, graduate in mechanical engineering, he began his professional career in the family company, Imbimbo Ascensori, which at the time was a FIAM dealer.

He worked first as a designer of special elevators and then for important international companies involved in the production of wire ropes for people lifting and transportation.

He was involved in the training of operators, technicians and inspectors for loads / people lifting and transportation systems, operated by means of ropes.

In 2011 he joined the Prysmian Group, in the Elevators Business Unit. Since 2017 he has held the role of Global Application Manager.

Imbimbo is an active member of the Italian UNI and international CEN / ISO / ASME A.17 working groups for the technical standardization of the elevator sector.

He has published articles and presented speeches at international forums dedicated to elevators.

He is the co-author of some books dedicated to the design of elevators and to the training of personnel for the achievement of the elevator maintenance license.

Nicola Imbimbo teaches training courses for the elevator industry, as an independent consultant.

In 2020 he joined the Technical Committee of Elevatori Magazine.

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