The new challenges of training

 In Training

By Nicola Imbimbo 

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A challenge the elevator industry is facing, that has in common also with other industries, is how to find the way to attract new professionals into this field. The continuous growth of the global markets and the lack of the generational turnover are causing a shortage of skilled people to respond to the market needs.

With modern digital technology embedded more and more into elevators, there is a need for new professionals to be introduced. Young people that are interested in this area of development could find the elevator industry a motivating opportunity of growth.

The challenging part for the beginners would eventually be to find the right spot to enter this business. When at first glance it could look frightening for newcomers, this doesn’t have to be a discouraging matter, because there is an endless possibility of learning.

In general terms, the new frontier of knowledge seems to have moved online: training portals proliferate that offer beginners a learning path in case they are interested to devote themselves to a new career development.
The last few months where we experienced the country lock downs caused by the spread of Covid-19 have also brought an incredible increase to the online learning activity (Lohr, 2020 [1]), so this is an ideal condition for setting the path for a new training in the industry.



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