GEE, Global Elevator Exhibition:
in Milan in November 2023

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Elevators and Escalators represent an important sector in Italy: the industry is worth 2.3 billion euros.

It was unveiled on June 13, 2022 GEE, Global Elevator Exhibition, a new exhibition event curated by Fiera Milano that will be held from November 15 to 17, 2023, in conjunction with MADE EXPO, SICUREZZA and SMART BUILDING EXPO.

The event, dedicated to the world of vertical transportation, will take place every two years.

The organizers said they want GEE to become an international benchmark, an event that can attract international audiences from the industry and related sectors to Milan.

GEE, Global Elevator Exhibition


GEE, Global Elevator Exhibition, an event entirely dedicated to horizontal and vertical mobility, is born: an event with an international scope for a fundamental sector of made in Italy. The appointment will be at Fiera Milano (Rho) from November 15 to 17, 2023: GEE aims to be a European meeting hub for the industry of elevators, escalators, moving walkways and components, representing and promoting safety, quality and the highest technical standards.

“The sector is asking for an appointment with an international scope that can accompany companies in the development of the ‘smart city’ concept that has been taking shape in recent years,” says Luca Palermo, CEO and General Manager of Fiera Milano. “It is significant to start from Milan, a cosmopolitan city and hub of connections, to tell this progress through an event that aims to become a reference for Italy and Europe. With GEE we want to propose an event of international scope that looks at this sector as part of a complex system. This is why the event will be flanked by other events in a logic of an extended supply chain that focuses on the smart city and the new technological models it brings.”


The GEE Audience

The event aims to help move urban mobility and accessibility toward a sustainable future in which the advancement of the sector fits seamlessly into the development of population centers. GEE looks to an audience of architects, designers, construction companies, real estate and maintenance professionals, facility managers and condominium managers, as well as distributors and installers of these technologies.

GEE will be held concurrently with MADE expo, SICUREZZA, SMART BUILDING EXPO

GEE will be held concurrently with MADE expo, Italy’s leading event for the construction industry, SICUREZZA, an international biennial event in the security & fire sector, and SMART BUILDING EXPO, the home and building automation and technology integration event, expanding a synergy that has already proven successful in 2021 and offering a further opportunity to the integration between systems that characterizes technological development around the connected building and city.

The GEE Presentation Press Conference (June 13, 2022) – Video in Italian

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You have t accept marketing cookies to watch this video.

The June 13, 2023 press conference was attended by Luca Palermo, CEO of Fiera Milano, Alessandro Cattelan (CEO of Donati Spa), Marco Bodio (Vice President of Monteferro), Eduard Amigò (Group Sales Manager Fermator), Antonino Barresi (Operations manager IMQ).  Simona Greco (Global Exhibitions Director, Fiera Milano SpA) moderated the discussion.
Here they all are in the photo below.

The industry in Italy and the world

According to the latest data from ELA (European Lift Association) for 2021, there are 6.4 million elevators in Europe (142,000 new elevators in 2021) with nearly 148,000 employees. There are more than 157,000 escalators with more than 3,000 new installations in 2021.

While in Italy, the Elevators and Escalators sector is worth 2.3 billion and sees our country second in exports in the world after China, with 42 percent of turnover coming from foreign sales. Italy is the second-largest country in the world in terms of elevators, with nearly 1,000,000 installations that make nearly one hundred million rides every day. More than 70 percent of the elevators in service in our country, however, have been in operation for more than twenty years and nearly 50 percent for more than thirty years (Source ANIE-Assoascensori).

As the smart city becomes more and more a concrete reality, with many cities, Milan in the lead, rapidly evolving towards this paradigm, the event presents itself as an unprecedented showcase on one of the most sensitive sectors to the changes taking place and the most interesting for urban renewal and the containment of energy expenses.
In fact, an efficient elevator consumes 27 percent less energy, but a system made of ultralight materials, equipped with smart electronics that put it on standby when not in use and systems that recover energy when braking, allows energy savings of 50 percent.