Montanari MR Gearless Range

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There’s a heart beating inside every Montanari traction machine. Since more than 40 years we commit ourselves every day to offer the best in quality and performance. Our MGX80 & MGX53 gearless models are dedicated to both modernization and new installation projects.

MGX80 flat gearless: speed up to 3 m/s, load up to 1.000 kg, pulley of 400-480 mm. The rescue system can be performed with only one hand.

MGX53 designed for load up to 6.000 kg, speed up to 4 m/s and 440- 480 -520 pulley size.

All Montanari gearless have the mechanically redundant brake with double magnetic circuit, certified both for excess speed in lifting and against the uncontrolled movements of the cab.

Whole range available also for 220 – 230 V triphase systems.

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