Montanari Group: Innovation beyond elevator doors

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“Do it right, make it easy! “is a commitment for us.

Innovation and improvement of products and services are driven by the desire to simplify operators’ lives and optimise the user experience. The year 2022 has started with many novelties for the Montanari brand.


Current events have made us appreciate the value of technology. The Internet has paved the way for a different way of working and even more so the app has proved to be a winning choice to invest in.

In February, we released the Desktop feature designed for people who work with a PC.

The benefits? Even more freedom, flexibility and efficiency. A service available 24/7, accessible with a simple click from anywhere in the world at any time.
With the Mobile&Desktop app, there is a solution for every user depending on the type of work they do:

• in the office – to download product-specific documents;

• in logistics – to check the contents of boxes in detail (packing list) without having to open them;

• on the system – to configure the inverter, request assistance or consult the tutorials.


Time is a precious commodity. Imagine a company that works in a 7-hour time zone, but thanks to the app it can easily access all the content it needs to manage the product, from shipment to installation and maintenance (documents, certificates, test reports, inverter parameters, video guides, etc.).

MontanariApp is a service linked to the specific product/serial number, designed to give added value to the customer while respecting privacy.

The QR codes are encrypted and cannot be read with any QR reader, but only by authenticating with a username and password on MontanariApp mobile or desktop.


The newcomer offers all the advantages of the MGV34 range and raises the static load to 7,000 kg! The MGV34XL is a powerful and reliable gearless.

Thanks to the conversion kit from MRL to MR and vice versa, it allows flexible stock management according to plant requirements as well as cost optimisation.



The reliability and quality of the Montanari brand is now also available for this market segment.

Safety gears for inclined installations can be used on their own or combined with gearboxes and other safety components for a complete offer.

How do they work?

The certified and standard-compliant safety gear system is applied to the guiderails according to the technical parameters of the installation and intervenes when the safety system is activated.



An explosive innovation! The M98, M105 and M109 gearboxes are all already available in the configuration suitable for ATEX installations. Soon, in the wake of innovation and completeness of the range, all winches will be available for this special application. We like to think that beyond the lift doors there is innovation and quality, even if this part often remains invisible to the eyes.

At the base of every Montanari product and solution there is always listening, experience and competence. In over 50 years of activity, we have explored countless situations and provided solutions to seemingly impossible problems. The innovations do not stop here. Others are on the way or are being developed for an even more complete and quality offer!