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Montanari Giulio App, innovation and technology at the service of customers. Making easier the renowned user experience of products and services is an important goal for us.

The phrase “do it right, make it easy” has become essential in our design and production process leading us, over the years, to rethink many activities and beginning others to achieve the goal.

This is how projects like ‘Montanari Academy’ (for technical and commercial training of customers and employees) and Montanari App, for mobile management of installation and maintenance of Montanari products, were born.


Why did we design Montanari App?
Let’s start from the well-known assumption that time is money. Through ‘Montanari Giulio App’, the user is 100% autonomous, this means significant cost savings for customers as well as increased operational efficiency.

What is Montanari App and who is it addressed to?
We would like to emphasise that this is not a generic catalogue app, but an authentic working tool. It is an exclusive service conceived, designed and created for all customers and users of Montanari products, available in 6 languages.

Which product families does it apply to?
Compared to our wide range of products, the app is available for gearboxes, gearless, safety gears and speed governors.


How does it work?
Each product has a serial number and specific features depending on the system where has been installed.
Let’s now imagine the famous paper folder with administrative, commercial and technical documents. Thanks to the app, all of this is linked uniquely and digitally to the purchased product and can be accessed by scanning the QR code found on the label/plate or on the pdf file received by email.
Let’s think in practical terms of a purchasing or technical department which can find here, in perfect order, all the supply details, certificates, technical reports, test reports, inverter parameters, user and maintenance manuals, and which can access them wherever it is and at any time.
Installers and maintainers can scan the QR code directly on the lifting system and access technical information, video tutorials, manuals and even activate service requests and set up reminders about regular service activities.

Two must-have treats:
• the ‘Inverter parameters’ section, where you can find data for the most popular models on the market, with the possibility of adding others on request;
• the ‘Lift check’ function, which uses patented software to assess the correct balance of the system.

How to access?
Easy! Just download it from the App Store or Google Play, by typing ‘Montanari Giulio App’, and register with username and password. You will then receive a confirmation message on the email address you used for registration and you are ready to go!

On montanarigiulio.com there is a section detailing the app, a detailed pdf guide and video tutorial.

The App project is constantly evolving: in 2019 we completed ‘phase 1’ and now ‘phase 2’ is being developed which will bring new features, definitely interesting and useful from an IoT perspective.

Do it right, make it easy!