Shots on the moving walkways

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Milano Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week chooses to set the images of its launch campaign on a moving walkways installed in the Central Station, the city’s main railway station. Milano Moda Uomo, the great appointment with men’s fashion in the Lombard capital, returns from January 15 to 19, 2021.

On the website www.cameramoda.it stands out in these days an opening image announcing the Milano Fashion Week (Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2021/2022), in which two models are shown on a moving walkways made by Thyssenkrupp Elevator. These moving walkways are part of the larger project of mobility of the entire station. Recognizable, behind them, the Central Station, co-protagonist of the shot as an iconic place in the city of Milan.

A choice that puts the spotlight on the vertical transport sector. Often in cinema and TV series it has been chosen to set scenes inside elevators or on escalators, sometimes using them as an expedient to divide different parts of the story, other times in a symbolic way: a trip in an elevator is often the turning point, a moment in which a character makes a decision. A place that has a deep sense.

Today, fashion is doing something similar by choosing amoving walkway as the setting for the shots that launch one of the first ‘post-Covid’ events that will take place in attendance too.