Lifts and escalators in the future cities

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The first stage of the E2Forum Round Table was held. This was part of the biennial event which will be held in Milan on 26 October 2016 and will be focused on vertical transportation. The venue is the headquarters of Gruppo 24 ore. The event is organized by Messe Frankfurt Italia and ANIE (National Federation of Electrotechnical and Electronic Industries), promoted by AssoAscensori in collaboration with ANICA (Italian association of lift component manufacturers) and ANACAM (Italian association of lift service companies). Chaired by Saverio Fossati, Il Sole 24 Ore journalist, the event will be attended by the delegates of some of the most important sector companies, who will also attend the event in autumn and include: Schindler, Stem, Steute, Thyssenkrupp Elevator Italia, Wittur. They reported their point of view and drew the attention with topical issues such as regulations, investments, safety, innovation and usability.

Comparing opinions

Lifts and other lifting equipment, and vertical transportation are a key element of the so-called “mobility chain”, as they facilitate the daily commute, improve the comfort level and ensure accessibility to all public and private buildings, guaranteeing equal opportunities to all in the participation to social and economic life. Among the many solutions to improve accessibility and safety in the Smart City of the future, taking into account of the new European regulatory and legislative framework, green technology, energy saving, sustainability, wireless, interconnection, design and marketing have been key to a more modern reading of the dialogue between manufacturers, installers, suppliers, service administrators and end users.
“The event is strongly backed by ANIE and AssoAscensori and has been founded with the desire to create a virtuous network among leading industry players on the issue of modernization of the building, strategic step to promote technological, environmental and economic innovation and sustainability” said Maria Antonietta Portaluri, general manager of ANIE.
Donald Wich, Messe Frankfurt Italy Managing Director has the same opinion and considers the event a great opportunity that, together with the recent acquisition of IEEE – International Elevator and Escalator Expo – India, the exhibition dedicated to vertical transportation, reinforces the exhibition offering of the group in the building technology. At the end of his speech, he stresses the importance of the synergy created by the collaboration with the three major trade associations.
“The unity of Italian associations is crucial to promote the lift industry culture, representing the Italian manufacturing capability – first among the European countries for number of installed systems. For us it is important to disclose a new community spirit for the removal of architectural barriers and to inform the market about safety rules” stated Roberto Zappa, President of AssoAscensori, the Association of ANIE Federation which brings together sector companies in Italy covering more than 50% of the new system market and approximately 40% of services.
“It is important to maintain the cohesion between associations, working jointly in these events to raise awareness for our point of view and talk to the entire supply chain about upgrading facilities and new directives” said Paolo Vicini, ANICA President, the Italian National Association of Elevator Component Manufacturers.
“Another problem to be addressed is the lack of community spirit for those with walking difficulties, the lack of attention to every day barriers” affirmed Bruno Forzinetti, ANACAM Vice President, Italian National Association of Elevator Companies.
Architect Dario Trabucco from IUAV University of Venice stresses the need for a broader concept in design taking into consideration the aesthetic standards, regulatory rules, power consumption, technology and safety for users. “You cannot leave out the life cycle topic, it is anachronistic. Tastes and market requests change as well as materials. There is therefore an obsolescence even for the elevators. It would be proper to forecast a beginning and an end of product life in order to create a renewal of culture also in Italy” concluded the architect.
“The E2Forum will be a groundbreaking event, an exhibition and conference aiming at bringing together, in one day, the whole community interested in one of the most popular transport systems in the world – the lifts. There will be town planners, engineers, regulators, users, teachers and manufacturers together to discuss and imagine the cities of the future, to develop solutions usable by everyone. And at the same time, a technical-scientific session program aimed at projects and training, including management and maintenance activities for condominium and estate administrators” declared Francesca Selva, Vice President Marketing & Events of Messe Frankfurt Italy.


By E2Forum Organization Committee