Lift maintenance operators: Italian IFTS course is coming

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An IFTS for the professional training of future lift maintenance operators, to fill a historical gap in a sector as important as ours. This is the bet of Elevatori Magazine, that is developing a course, of one year’s duration, together with the educational institute Aslam (accredited in the Lombardy Region for training, orientation and work services), with the support of some organisations in the lift sector: Anica (National Association of Lift Component Industries), CPI (Consorzio per l’Italia) and the Tree Consortium.

For this first edition, the course will take place in Lombardy. It will start in 2023 and will be aimed at young people between 19 and 24 years of age who want to start a career in the world of vertical transport. The course will be split into a classroom part and an in-company traineeship part.

Carlo Carabelli, General Manager of Aslam, explains: “The training course will be spread over a whole year in which students will be able to learn in the classroom both the standards that regulate the sector and the technical notions on how lift systems and their components work. Special attention will be given to Safety training. Teachers will include qualified experts from lift companies who will work alongside those from our Institute. The training project aims to integrate theory with practical experiences in the laboratory and on the job.”


Aslam, in fact, is an expert partner in this type of training, which has been realising ITS (Istituti Tecnologici Superiori) and IFTS (Istruzione e Formazione Tecnica Superiore) courses for years, to train professionals in many sectors: aeronautical (with ENAC part 147 B1.1 Certification), wood furniture, logistics and supply chain, mechanics for automated equipments maintenance.

An important part of this project is the dialogue with the Prefectures so that, upon completion of the training course, the students, in addition to obtaining the Certificate of Higher Technical Specialisation envisaged for this course of study, can also take the qualification exam necessary to obtain the so-called ‘licence’ to be able to carry out maintenance on this type of equipment.

In our magazine and on Elevatorimagazine.com we will update readers on this project (location and duration of courses, dates and registration procedures, opportunities to host student internships, etc.).

IFTS, postgraduate training

IFTSs are one-year, postgraduate training courses (upper secondary education or technical vocational), which are very practical because they leave plenty of room for workshops and, above
all, offer useful and concrete tools to meet the demands of the world of work as they are in line with the professional requirements of companies.

The IFTS courses last between 800 and 1000 hours. They are divided into 2 semesters and include theoretical, practical and laboratory activities. In particular, the time devoted to training and company internship activities cannot be less than 40% of the total number of hours of the course. The teachers are experts who come directly from the world of work, with practical experience in the professional sector of the course.