Lift booklet: reconstitution procedure

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Iginio Salvatore Lentini – UN.I.O.N. (Italian Authority of Notified Bodies President)

One of the major problems reported by lift operators, and especially arising during the periodic and extraordinary checks pursuant to articles 13-14 of the Italian Presidential Decree 162/99, was assessed by the UNION Working Group in the latest regular meeting (May 2020), where the lack of a lift booklet was analysed and sorted out by stating the correct procedure for the reconstitution and validation by the maintenance company, together with the documentation requested by the Notified Body, supported by an extraordinary verification by the same Notified Body.
This resolves a long-standing matter, originating from several causes: from the loss of the original booklet issued at the time of lift installation, to the full or partial depletion of its contents, up to the lack of recognition of the main technical features; from the documentation been handed over to the new legal representative, to the flooding of the machine rooms where it was kept. And a lot more.

This standard-compliant procedure allows to keep in operation the lift originally tested (as we used to say one) or certified (as the modern certificate of conformity states).