Lift and Escalator Symposium 2020 is online

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 David Cooper, Presidente CdA, Lift & Escalator Symposium Trust


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For many years the Trustees have been pleased to report in Elevatori Magazine about the achievements of the Trust in hosting an annual Lift and Escalator Symposium which brings together industry experts from all over the world.

The first Symposium was held in Northampton in 2011 and has been held there ever since with only one change in venue when the event outgrew the facilities at the University of Northampton and switched to become a two-day event requiring accommodation facilities. Hence the move to Highgate House Conference Centre in 2013, a popular venue with delegates. Additionally, in 2018, we held an event in Hong Kong.

The Charity has a healthy relationship with the Lift & Escalator Industry Association (LEIA), University of Northampton (UoN) and the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE). The collaboration of these organisations assists in making the symposia internationally recognised as a leading provider of quality research and educational papers.

The objective of the Lift & Escalator Symposium Educational Trust is to advance education in lifts and escalator related technologies. The Trust brings together experts from the field of vertical transportation, offering opportunities for speakers to present peer reviewed papers on the subject of their research. Papers are published open-source on the Trust’s web site, www.liftsymposium.org.

This year is going to be different! The issues caused by the COVID-19 outbreak mean that we cannot hold the Symposium as a physical face to face event, but we are determined not to be beaten! We have postponed the planned Shanghai Symposium until 2021 and we will be holding this year’s Northampton event online.

In many respects this may be an opportunity as an unlimited number of delegates will be able to enjoy various papers from speakers from all around the world. I ask you to encourage your staff to come along online and listen to the many fascinating educational and research topics that will be covered. We want people to enjoy the Symposium and be able to experience what goes on when we meet face to face. There will be no charge to attend the online Symposium but you will need to enrol in advance at www.liftsymposium.org

All of the proceedings of earlier events can be found online at www.liftsymposium.org/resources

Finally, the Trustees and the management team put a lot of effort into the Trust and its objectives; all of them do it voluntarily. That having been said it cannot be done without delegates, researchers, presenters and a wealth of experienced industry professionals. This year’s online Symposium has a full set of papers but going forward you may wish to contribute a paper yourself. Subjects cover a wide range including safety, technology, standards, traffic analysis and history to name but a few. Come and join in. We are a not for profit charity but we want to be sustainable and still be presenting annual symposia for many years to come. Book your place, listen to the offerings and, if you or your Company are able to do so, make a contribution towards the running costs which are currently underwritten by the charity and its trustees.