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We have learned the sad news that Joseph Stier and Ami Lustig have passed away, both in November 2021. Joseph Stier, with his excellent organisational skills and Ami Lustig, with his high professionalism in the lift sector, were the founders of Elevcon and IAEE (International Association Elevator Engineer) together with other leading international lift engineers such as Gina Barney (UK), Lubomir Janovsky (Czech Republic), John Englis (Austria) and Carlo Distaso (Italy).

Elevcon is now one of the most important lift technical congresses in the world. It brings together industry experts from all over the world: America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia, India, Far East, China, Japan and Australia. Elevatori Magazine has had the great opportunity to work alongside Joseph Stier and Ami Lustig since the first edition of the Elevcon Congress, being the official magazine of the event.

The whole Elevatori Magazine staff expresses their condolences to Stier and Lustig relatives.