IMQ and POLIMI agreement

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IMQ (one of the most important Italian certification bodies) and the Milan Polytechnic have signed a partnership aimed at innovation. The framework agreement, signed by eng. Antonella Scaglia, President and CEO of IMQ (pictured), and Prof. Ferruccio Resta, Rector of the University (pictured), will allow the development of joint research and training activities in the most innovative sectors.

There are two macro-areas in the agreement: research activities (IMQ and the Milan Polytechnic will be partners in research projects on innovative products and technologies) and training activities (IMQ experts will train Polytechnic students on the issues of conformity assessment of products and processes). Many fields of application: bioengineering and medical devices, electromagnetic compatibility, connectivity, systems interoperability, 5G technology, IoT (Internet of Things), characterization of components and systems.

Gruppo IMQ, l'AD Ing. Antonella Scaglia
Ferruccio Resta, Rettore del Politecnico di Milano

“The agreement with IMQ strengthens the collaboration between the Milan Polytechnic and companies,” commented Resta. “It is a demonstration of how universities focus on the evolution of the labour market and new research challenges.”

This agreement will make it possible to identify investments for a timely assessment of new technologies,” commented Antonella Scaglia. “We are proud to become partner of one of the most prestigious universities at an international level.”

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