IGV: italian historical brand

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The IGV Group’s trademark was recognised as a historical trademark by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, which then entered it in the relevant special register.

The request was accepted by the Ministry’s Patent and Trademark Office (General Directorate for the Protection of Industrial Property) on 23 September 2021.

In the explanatory statement, the Ministry writes: “Having examined the documentation submitted, evaluated the evidence of use submitted, and ascertained that the trademark has been used for 50 years, it accepts the application and authorises the registration of the trademark in the special register of historic trademarks”.

Michele Suria, CEO of IGV Group, commented on the news: “The important recognition by Mise as a historic trademark fills us with pride. Designing the future from solid foundations, from a brand and know-how of excellence, allows us to continue to innovate, becoming a point of reference for the sector.”


“I am very happy and proud to learn that the historical identity of Igv, a company I founded in 1966, has been recognised by the Italian State as a value for our industry,” engineer Giuseppe Volpe, founder of the company, comments to Elevatori Magazine. “An Italian company,” the Founder emphasises, “that has always chosen quality and has always fought to remain in our country and to give prestige to Italian products throughout the world: I believe this is the real reason why we have earned the historic brand name. A family business known all over the world. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff who have worked alongside me since 1966 and to thank my children and my wife.”