IGV Group introducing CARe, the kit for air sanitization and car sterilization

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Covid-19 and lifts: IGV Group introducing CARe, the kit designed for the safety of any installed lift

Lift cars and push-button panels are highly exposed surfaces to viruses and bacteria, and therefore deserve special attention, even more in this emergency situation. IGV Group R&D department has immediately focused its efforts to develop an all-Italian kit requiring minimal intervention and ready to be applied in any installed lift, from any manufacturers, aimed to eliminate any risk of contagion and ensure a safe use.

CARe is a system featuring two differenttechnologies for the sanitization of car lifts in a few minutes.

A UV-C ultraviolet light, the same type used for sanitizing hospitals, guarantees the complete sterilization of the car surfaces, while a ventilation device with absolute air sanitizing HEPA filter, combined with an activated charcoal membrane, removes viruses and bacteria in the particulate. The air exchange is almost instantaneous and sterilization occurs in the stand-by phase.

CARe is also environment-friendly and good for people’s health: the sanitizing device does not involve the use of ozone which could be irritating without an adequate air exchange, while the light is LED (not legacy neon type with highly toxic mercury).


Easy to install, suitable for any systems, reduced maintenance

CARe is easy to install, it requires reduced maintenance and is suitable for any system. The device is also invisible in the car, extremely silent and with limited energy consumption.


Main specifications of the equipment

  • Powerful and noiseless engine, ensuring a complete and instantaneous air recirculation in the car.
  • Absolute HEPA filter capable of removing viruses and bacteria in the particulate combined with an activated charcoal membrane. Replacement is extremely easy to carry out during standard periodic maintenance (every 6 months).
  • Connections, ducts and built-in grids for air flow management.
  • Embedded UVGI germicidal LED lamp with ultraviolet light (recessed or wall mounted), to guarantee professional sanitization of car surfaces. The UV-C light is automatically activated only when no users are on board (i.e. when the car light is off). It guarantees the complete sanitization of the car in a few minutes.
  • Technical documentation and installation instructions.
  • Suitable for any type of lift or lifting platform already installed, from any manufacturer/brand available on the market.
  • Developed and manufactured in Italy.

The CARe system installation requires minimal intervention:

  • the CARe unit is located on the car roof;
  • holes are required in the lift car for the installation of air vents directly on the ceiling or on the car wall to be connected with pipes and ducts to the device;
  • prearrangement of a hole in the car for positioning the UVGI germicidal LED light (ceiling or wall);
  • connection to the car electronics.

The CARe technology is equipped with special electronics, able to independently manage both the air recycling operation and the activation of UV-C light. No interface with the lift control panel is required.

The car sanitizing device does not involve the use of ozone which could be potentially irritant without an adequate air exchange.

Unlike legacy neon lights containing mercury, which is highly toxic and dangerous if dispersed in the environment, Led light guarantees the safety of users and operators, as well as energy saving advantages and longer lifetime.