IGV Group @ Interlift 2017

 In Focus on Interlift - Previous editions

The Interlift 2017 edition is over and it has proven a record success as in the previous editions.
The biggest international exhibition ever disclosing the lift of the future.
IGV Group, once again, was first in line with a big stand matching design and elegance, technology and innovation. Among the interesting new products on display, the outstanding gearless and fully panoramic
version of DomusLift, an incredibly attracting product. The glass allowed people to see unusual components, which grabbed the visitors’ attention. The transparent floor was undoubtedly an eye-catching feature.
The XS model, the most compact DomusLift ever, amazed visitors with its small dimensions and it is now available with up to 3 entrances.
Finally, the SuperDomus, the lift with reduced pit and headroom, dressed in unusual materials with fully customised glass touch pushbutton panel.