ICity Rate 2017: Milan, Italy’s smartest city

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Milan is the most advanced Smart City: it is ranked as the number one Smart City for the fourth year in a row, gaining an advantage over the other cities for economic growth, sustainable mobility, research/innovation, digital transformation. Bologna is ranked second, with just two points behind, and Florence, back to the third place, thanks to policies for sustainable tourism and culture.

These are some of the results of ICity Rate 2017, the FPA’s annual report offering an overview of the situation of Italian cities on their path to becoming “smart”, that is, closer to the needs of citizens, and more liveable. FPA analysed 15 urban dimensions defining the targets for cities, such as: poverty, education, air and water, energy, economic growth, employment, tourism and culture, research and innovation, sustainable mobility, public green areas, legality and security, etc.

Milan, Bologna and Florence, the top three cities, represent different models of urban development able to bring important achievements. Milan, driven by economic dynamism, is the most solid “enabling platform’ for the Smart City of the Country.